AFRICA: The Agricultural Productivity Needed For Economic Growth.

Agriculture is the next big thing in Nigeria, and the time to act is now.

In order to sustain economic growth, we will require fiscal discipline, productivity improvements, infrastructure improvements, increased regional trade, and greater focus on stimulating and supporting innovation. All stakeholders – including government, donors and the private sector – must align and target their investments towards a shared goal of sustainable and inclusive growth.

Agriculture is a key sector in the sustainability of economic growth. A developed economy cannot be termed ‘developed’ if its citizens are hungry.

How can we transform the agricultural sector in Africa?

Firstly, we need to increase our productivity. With the right policies, institutions, and resources, Africa can benefit from productivity increases by adapting some of the techniques that raise agricultural productivity in Asia and Latin America, particularly in wheat, rice, and maize. Increased productivity and output in a modern agricultural sector would, beyond improving food security, sustain agro-processing, create employment, and boost incomes across society.

To also increase productivity, farmers will need to increase the adoption of several productivity enhancing measures, some of which are; irrigation, planting improved seeds, applying fertilizers, modern farm management practices.

When it comes to Agriculture, Africa is lagging behind and we need to align with the positive transformations that are obtainable in other climate regions. We need to act now!

Please share your comments on other Agricultural productivity strategies.



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