At WATIF, we have provided Forums for the WATIF Community to discuss your ideas, discuss missions, and suggestions, show your creative side and to share what you’ve learned on the forum.

We believe in an honest and open free exchange of ideas, and in always maintaining a courteous respect for the opinions and positions of others. We believe that promoting a respectful discourse and sharing of ideas leads to a stronger, better informed community.

To post to the WATIF Forums, you have registered and agreed to our terms.

We expect every member of the forum to be respectful to others and to follow the Forums Standards and Guidelines. Individuals who do not follow these may lose posting privileges without warning.

Forums Standards:

Respect – Respect others as you would like to be respected. Personal attacks of any kind are not acceptable; this includes trolling, insulting, instigating fights, flaming and swearing of any kind. At times you may disagree with another player, but be respectful.

Privacy – Never share your login, password, email, real name or any personal information. Never post private chat logs, emails, and or private information that belongs to another person.

Be constructive – The WATIF Forums are here for you to communicate with the community. We welcome everyone’s suggestions to make the Community better for all but we request that if you disagree, you provide constructive feedback about why you disagree not just state you disagree.

Profile – Update your user profile. Insert you picture, to enable the community better identify you.

Forums Guidelines:

The following actions and content are NOT allowed on the WATIF Forums:

Do not perform the following actions against a member:

  • Make personal attacks, insults, harassment or name-calling.
  • Post personal information about another member such as emails, passwords.
  • Post images (or posts) that include other avatars’ names or real names without their consent or in a negative light.
  • Post information that could cause harm to your WATIF account (User Identification).
  • Use terms that are deemed inappropriate such as obscenities, vulgarity, or actions of a sexual nature. This includes using variations of spelling to disguise obscenity.
  • Disrespect a player’s religion, race, nation, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Troll the forums: “Trolling” is deliberately following another player (or group) for the sole purpose of causing trouble without providing any constructive feedback for the thread.

Do not violate General Forums Guidelines by doing the following actions:

  • Create multiple posts or threads on the same topic in order to gain attention to an issue.
  • Create a personal ad seeking another individual for companionship.
  • Posts showing adverts, or URL to advertising landing pages.
  • Post a private debate with another person or group. Please resolve this issue outside of the public forums.
  • Post with the intent of stirring up trouble or inciting disruption.
  • Make posts that are irrelevant to the thread you are posting in or create threads that are irrelevant to the topic of the forum you are posting in.
  • Post links to cheats, exploits, or websites that can be harmful to the community. Threads created for promoting and/or advertising a site (including Fansites) will be deleted.
  • Use Forums Signatures – this includes unnecessary text following a forums post that is repeated after each post you create. Also, IMAGES THAT CONTAIN YOUR NAME and/or OTHER GRAPHIC (or oversized images) used at the end of your forums posts.
  • Post obscene or sexual images or language
  • Post or create a thread containing a topic that would not be suitable for discussion in a classroom of teenage students- including but not limited to suicide, murder, sexual content, abuse, violence, and crime.
  • Post by the same person using multiple avatars (i.e., alternate avatars).
  • Posting a thread/post to seek donations of items/tokens/gold for your space and/or avatar’s needs.

Feel free to contact WATIF Forum admin for any issues encountered. Thank you.

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